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Unable to relieve your
Neck Pain?

Whether you have suffered an injury or you simply have developed a “pain in the neck,” we identify the real diagnosis in order to give you the right solutions for the very best recovery. The treatments we use to address cervical spine pain and problems are advanced, proven and highly successful.

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Tired of constant
Back Pain?

There’s nothing like severe back pain, regardless of the cause, to railroad your life! We believe in the least traumatic treatment that will give you the best outcome. We offer in-office spinal injections as well as minimally invasive procedures. We even have in-office rehabilitation services.


Afraid of a
Long Recovery?

Surgical alternatives to solve back pain don’t always have to involve a prolonged and debilitating recovery. We specialize in solutions that offer you “big surgery, small incision, short stay.”  Among the procedures we perform are endoscopic discectomy and motion sparing total artificial disc replacement.

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We are based in St. Tammany Parish, LA, and provide care for patients in all areas of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

Dietze and Logan Spine Specialists deal with evaluation, non-surgical and surgical treatment of the full spectrum of primary spinal disorders including trauma, degeneration, deformity, tumor, and reconstruction.

Established in 1999 as The NORTH Institute, we continue in our commitment to medical and surgical excellence as we evolve with advancements in technology and in our dedication to provide compassionate, individualized, state-of-the-art spinal care for every patient.”

Dr. Donald Dietze, Board Certified Neurological Surgeon

Donald D. Dietze, MD

Board Certified Neurological Surgeon
Fellow of the American Association of Neurological Surgery

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Dr. John Logan, Board Certified Neurological Surgeon

John B. Logan, MD

Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon
Fellow of the American Academy Orthopaedic Surgeons

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Our Specialty is the Patient with Spinal Pain

Drs. Diezte and Logan specialize in care for all areas of the spine related to injury, illness, sports-related issues, and congenital conditions.

Progressive developments in minimally-invasive spinal surgery, including endoscopic assisted decompression, percutaneous spinal fusion and adult scoliosis surgical correction, have greatly increased successful outcomes while decreasing recovery times.  Some procedures allow patients to be up for dinner and walking back into their own homes by the next day.

Also, greater use of motion sparing spinal surgery, especially cervical and lumbar artificial disc replacement, helps avoid spinal fusion and make for better treatment, better results and happier patients.  Big surgery, small incision, short stay,” has become a reality with the goal of preventing the need for future surgeries.

Our Location

We are based in St. Tammany Parish, LA, and provide care for patients in all areas of Louisiana and the surrounding Gulf Coast.

Our office is conveniently located just off I-12:
29301 North Dixie Ranch (CC 14) Road
Lacombe, LA 70445

Phone: (985) 871-4114
Fax: (985) 871-4130
Hours: Monday-Thursday 8 am-5pm, Friday 8am-12pm

Hear What Our Patients Are Saying...

I am very impressed with Dr. Logan! His correct, accurate diagnoses and immediate corrective action saved the life of my family member. He not only performed in the highest professional standards, but showed a personal care, comfort, and concern to family members. I would highly recommend Dr. Logan to anyone needing his specialized skills.

I wouldn't see anyone but Dr. Logan and his staff.
Excellent doctor and experience.

I am so thankful for Dr. Dietze! I am a strong advocate for this group, not only did they help me to recover, they gave me my life back! Thanks to everyone who was apart of my recovery! Dr. Dietze, I remain in your debt! Because of you, I can live life again, pain free! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! My family thanks you!

AMAZING NEUROSURGEON! Dr. Dietze performed a cervical implant with a 1-stage fusion AND a lumbar implant with a 2-stage implant. He has the BEST bed-side manor! I wouldn't trust my back problems with any other doctor!